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Our Story

For more than 70 years the “Fazenda Santo Antônio” stands for diversity and excellence in processes and products.

The “Fazenda Santo Antônio” is located in Igaraí, Mococa Municipality. Since 1951 it has a “German signature”, when the Eichel family, farmers in Germany, decides to immigrate to Brazil to try a new beginning, after having lost all their property in Germany due to World War II. Since then, coffee has been of great importance, but it has always had to divide its space with sugarcane, corn, livestock and poultry. Today, coffee is predominant and only has as its competitor the sugar cane.

In its 171 ha, 58 ha are destined to coffee cultivation and 83 ha to sugar cane cultivation. The remaining areas are reserved for protection and permanent reserve. Of the 200,000 coffee trees, 28% correspond to the Catuaí Red variety, 21% Mundo Novo, 15% Arara, 20% Catucaí Yellow, 6% Obatã and 10% are distributed among other varieties.

In the last 20 years the Farm has implemented a plan to protect against erosion with the introduction of consistent terraces throughout the sugar cane area for water containment and blocking sedimentation of water springs and rivers. Additionally, it introduced sustainability into its broader concept. That means to produce more with less. Best practice procedures are followed to generate the least possible impact on the environment. The Farm also follows all labor legislation.

Recently it started to invest intensely in the concept of energy efficiency, replacing engines and equipment old and outdated by modern versions, for a better performance with lower consumption.

Currently the Farm is managed professionally by the second and third generation. The challenge is to maintain the property productive, economically independent and in addition to keep its social role in the locality.


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